Cindy Lewis C-IAYT, YACEP, E-RYT 500

Living the dream In a life of service


     Providing  thoughtful Yoga classes and private sessions that are a mix of playfulness and meditation infused with movement. I have over 38 years of yoga practice and an infectious passion for yoga.

  Each session is tailored to the individual, depending upon their goals; from relief from discomfort and stress reduction to improving flexibility and injury recovery. Although My  training allows me to work with anyone, I specializes in helping people with persistent medical conditions that have resisted conventional treatment.



Yoga teacher training 

  • Yoga Medicine Teacher Training  (RYMT) 1000 hour with Tiffany Cruikshank   (in  progress)
  • Advanced Yoga Psychology Teacher Training with Ashley Turner. (In  progress)
  • Yoga Therapy Teacher Training  with Sarajoy Marsh
  • Yoga Medicine Teacher Training 500 hour with Tiffany Cruikshank 

     Other training and workshops completed with, but not limited to; Britt B Steele, Kathryn Budig, Dharma Mittra, Tias Little, Noah Mazé, David Oliver, Lucy & Daryl Eugene, Uma Kleppinger, Emi Tull, Leslie Kaminoff,  Shiva  Rae

Education and Certifications


 Prana Facilitator / Energy Worker                

20 years  experience 

  • Medical intuitive 
  • Lightworker
  • Kiatsu
  • Other training and workshops completed with, but not limited to; Sarah  Wiseman,  Donna  Eden,   Caroline myss
  •  C-IAYT  Certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists 
  • Shoden Ki Ranking
  • YACEP Continuing Education Provider to Yoga Instructors with the Yoga Alliance
  • E-RYT 500 by the Yoga Alliance
  • Plant based health coach

Lets see how Cindy can help you?


My extensive training bridges across multiple yoga therapy modalities, enabling me to guide my students to overcome personal challenges. I  offer  thoughtful private sessions that mix playfulness and meditation infused with movement. My approach focuses on the union of mind and body systems.


Tony Szymczak

 “I play tennis, I mean a LOT of tennis, sometimes twice a day and up to a few hours at a time.  I had been finding my hips and lower back were getting extremely tight, despite all of the stretching I was doing before and after tennis.  I thought I knew what I was doing as I’ve been doing yoga for years.  It wasn’t until I did a private yoga training session with Cindy when she did a full analysis of what was going on with my joints/muscles that she got to the roots of my problems.  After giving me 8 different stretches and exercises to do regularly, I am now pain free!   It was pretty amazing actually.  I asked if I could write a testimonial for her to let everyone know my experience.  Cindy REALLY knows the body and I could tell she does it for the love of helping others, can’t say enough about it.”         -Tony Szymczak, Membership Director at Stafford Hills Club.



 Cindy is an amazing teacher! She was my first yoga teacher @ BE and first, always made sure I did my poses properly. I think looking back over my first year in her classes that she kept me challenged and always moving forward. In addition I have had some knee issues and other health issues. She always seems to know different remedies for relief. I attribute some of my knee ailments that while they will always exist, she has definitely brought the pain level and issues down. I cannot tell you how many times I have made sure people know what an innovative teacher Cindy is--never the same class, so it keeps it interesting. Aroma therapy, candles, wall yoga, chair yoga, full moon yoga, gentle, intermediate, vinyassa.. .... so many fun variations! You want a good nights rest? Go to her 8:15p class! Cindy is definitely a unique teacher and in my opinion, brings yoga to a different level! I recommend Cindy's instruction for any level of yogi. ~~Namaste~~ 


Marilyn Kane

 Cindy has been such a positive influence in my life. I am a retired teacher who has had many physical issues. I've had physical therapy a few times, but nothing can compare to doing yoga, especially with Cindy. I've been going to morning classes 3 times a week for over a year. Although there were other teachers at first, she has by far been the best. She understands the body and can explain what we are doing and why. She also modifies moves when needed and explains how to work towards doing the variety of moves to the full extent if possible. She is constantly taking classes that add to her knowledge and that also benefits our class. She moves around the room during class and works individually to make corrections or show modifications that are best. I have taken 2 Kiatsu series workshops from her which also have been helpful and informative. I just turned 70 and am now more flexible and have better balance than I've had in years. I strongly recommend Cindy for any practices that she might offer.


Erna Brockl

 I have been taking classes with Cindy for over 6 months, and have really enjoyed it. Recently I have had many surgeries, and Cindy has helped me enormously by improving my flexibility and movement. I was having trouble with swollen ankles, and the classes have reduced the swelling. In a recent class I started having an asthma attack. I was getting ready to leave, and Cindy persuaded me to stay. She helped me calm by using Kiatsu breathing exercise on me and gave me positive attention to my stress. I was able to bring my breathing back to normal and did not have to use my inhaler. I would recommend Cindy's class to anyone, no matter their age or physical ability.  I am 87.



 I feel extremely blessed to have met and been working with Cindy over the past few years. I can't begin to explain how much of a positive influence, encouragement and inspiration she has been in my life, including my personal yoga practice and my experience as a yoga teacher. She understands the mind and body on a deep and integrated level, and I have learned to better apply the principles of yoga and meditation into the daily situations that arise in my life. She truly is a living example of light, love and healing, and I am so grateful for the teaching, wisdom and grace she brings into each class and encounter. Thank you for all you offer to the world :)


Beth Butrick

 I was referred to Cindy by friends who raved about her classes and individual sessions. I had ongoing problems with my neck and right shoulder for nearly one year. Prior to rehabilitative yoga, I tried PT (with positive results but not a long term solution), and 2 cortisone injections (one helped my shoulder). I started worked with Cindy, in private sessions, in June 2016. Through Cindy’s energy work, adaptation of many of my PT exercises, plus her own suggested exercises, I am now pain free. By working with her individually and practicing her suggestions at home, I have been able to resume activities, even tennis, without ongoing problems. Cindy is able to accurately, and quickly, assess and problem-solve. She continually evaluates whether exercises have been successful or whether modification is needed. She promptly discerns whether her client understands her directions/exercises, or if she should rephrase and reteach those movements causing difficulty for her student. She is extremely patient and exhibits a joy for yoga and the teaching of it. Teaching is not an easy skill. One must be able to adapt the lesson, exercises, descriptions to each student. Explanations given one student may not work for another student. Cindy is able to effectively adapt to each person’s needs. She is able to move her students at a pace comfortable for them, always toward success. She is encouraging and always ready with a smile and praise. It is easy to see why she is so highly recommended by the people who work with her individually and/or attend her classes. I am truly thankful I met Cindy and was able to work with her. I certainly will continue to use her ideas and exercises now and in the future. She too is a student and continues expanding her extensive knowledge of yoga, willingly sharing her expertise with her students. I highly recommend her. Beth




Cindy, I have thoroughly enjoyed your yoga for beginners class. I learned a lot and have benefited from the class. You meet your students where they are in their abilities. Appreciated the fact that you provided me modifications for the poses which I could not do due to knee replacement. Each of your classes are uniquely designed, I learned so much from it. Really enjoying the class yoga for active living. Love your tips about how to live in the present moment and deal with negativity .

You inspire me 🙏



 I was lucky to have Cindy as my first yoga instructor. She is a natural teacher and coach and attends to each student with kindness, patience, and good humor. She always has a smile on her face as helps each person get the most out of the class. All of her classes are excellent, but her yoga therapy class is amazing ! She has such vast knowledge of the human body, and how the proper yoga moves apply. Thank you for all you do, Cindy. You are a true Master of the craft !



You helped me when I was in extreme pain. You have guided me with your knowledge of therapeutic yoga to a place of pain free peace and relaxation I carry within me. I know you really care about each one of your students as you shine your light on us with your attention to our specific needs. Thanks. You are my angel. 


I am a newcomer to Yoga With Cindy and I feel so fortunate to be able to practice under her guidance. Cindy has the knowledge and experience to provide a great class, help "newbies" be successful, adjust poses and series to those with limitations or the need to work on a specific trouble area, and create an atmosphere of joy. Within my first month, I am already seeing tangible benefits from Cindy's classes; and I'm excited about developing my yoga practice under her inspiration and leadership.