Upcoming WorkShops at Stafford Hills club

BALANCING YOUR ENERGY November 17 2019 11:30-1:30pm


 Feeling a little...off? Chakras are energy points in the body. When balanced, we feel healthy and strong. When they are weakened or overactive, we experience dis-ease; emotional and physical upset. In this workshop, we’ll identify and balance the chakras through breath, guided meditation, visualization, and mantra. You’ll leave with a greater sense of rest, healing and balance from within.

this is a one and a half hour workshop



YOGA FOR BEGINNERS SERIES January 18-22 From 11:15-12:45pm


 We know Yoga offers the balancing effects of a calm mind and strong body; but where do you begin? If you always wanted to incorporate more yoga into your wellness routine but feel you just don’t know the basics, please join us for our Yoga for Beginners series. Learn the basic sequences and transitions used in yoga classes and understand how this practice naturally strengthens our muscles while creating more stability in the joints. This 6-week workshop is perfect for beginners as well as intermediate/advanced students looking to revisit poses or to develop strength between the poses.
These classes are one and a half hours long.

$135/MEMBER $165/GUEST

Yoga for a Healthy S/I Joint Workshop March 14th from 11:30am-1:30pm


 Learn how your S/I Joint works by exploring & understanding your specific range of motion and areas of decondition. We’ll then use restorative yoga designed to encourage stability and balance so you can avoid injury and stay active! 

Myofascial Release for the S/I Joint March 14th from 11:30am-1:30pm


 Learn about the function of the body’s fascia in relation to the S/I Joint and latest in myofascial release techniques including what to avoid. You’ll leave with an understanding of what specific exercises you can utilize anytime to help increase range of motion, muscle recovery and muscle function. 

Exploring a plant based diet


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Yoga Retreat


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